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Innovation Spaces

Malta Innovation Hub

The Malta Innovation Hub has been selected as on the Social Innovation Hubs of the ENISIE Project for two main reasons: it is managed by one of the project partners in Malta and it focuses on e-health, one of the thematic areas of the ENISIE project. Moreover, belonging to the Malta Life Sciences Park, the Malta Innovation Hub is involved in local and international networks which ensure visibility to the Hub as well as opportunities of collaboration and exchange of knowledge for the users of the hub. More specifically, Malta Life Sciences Park and Malta Enterprise collaborate with the following public entities and networks: - The Malta Chamber of Commerce; - Malta Business Bureau; - Enterprise Europe Network; - GRTU - Malta Chamber of SMEs; - Malta Council for Science and Technology. - Gozo Innovation Hub The Hub is hosted and managed by the Malta Life Sciences Park (MLSP), conceived by the country’s economic development agency, Malta Enterprise, to provide an international class facility for life sciences and information technology development. The MLSP is designed to promote research and development and to spur the growth of the life sciences sector in Malta, building on the base that the country developed in the pharmaceutical industry during the last decade. The Malta Innovation Hub therefore belongs to the Maltese public network which includes Malta Enterprise, the Maltese Chamber of Commerce, the Malta Business Bureau, the Ministry for Education, the Ministry for European Affairs, the Ministry for the Economy, Investment and Small Business.